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Our Story

Tani Series was founded by Foluke Oyeleye in 2020 to tell the stories she wanted the world to read about Nigeria and Nigerians. As a child, she loved reading books about historical figures who achieved great things. Those books inspired her to dream up ways she could improve the world. All the figures were not Nigerians so, even then, she longed to read such books about Nigerians like her. Decades later, she started Tani Series to fulfil this desire and share works of Nigerian cultural history.

Our Vision is to inspire generations of Nigerian children, by sharing representative stories of success and excellence. We inspire children to dream and build big while reflecting on their history so that, together, we can keep our culture, excellence, and light alive for generations to come.

Meet The Author

Foluke Oyeleye is a creative, encourager, and a bridge- and business-builder with a passion for serving others. She loves and believes in Nigeria, and her life goal is to channel that love into making a positive impact by spotlighting all that’s good and wonderful about the country. Through the Tani Series, she shares creative stories to inspire children and inquisitive adults.