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Tani Series

Welcome to the world of dreamers and doers.

Welcome to the world of dreamers and doers.

Welcome to the world of dreamers and doers.

Stories That Shape

At Tani Series, we create enriching books, cards, games, and other resources to expand children’s imaginations. We inspire wonder and curiosity!

‘Tani’ is the Yoruba word for the phrase ‘Who is…?’ It is a conversation starter. When you think about the contributions of Nigerians to the world, you often wonder, ‘Who is a Nigerian making strides in music or science or business?’

Our books spark such conversations and answer some of those questions by telling the stories of amazing people who achieved greatness while chasing their dreams.

Our Story

New Release!

Check out the first three books published by Tani Series! I Am A Nigerian In Music features stories of courage and creativity, I Am A Nigerian In Literary Arts shines the spotlight on 15 avid storytellers, and I Am A Nigerian STEM is a treasure-trove of Nigerians with a global mark in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Beyond opening up a world of dreamers, books in the I Am A Nigerian In… collection contain additional information about places, sectors, and many more things Nigerian. Each book features easy-to-understand stories told with vivid imagery and accompanied by beautiful illustrations!

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And More…

Yes, there’s more for you than books. Have a fully enriching and immersive journey with our additional resources like flashcards. They’re interesting and fun, with carefully curated quirky facts and brain-teasing quizzes and trivia you’ll absolutely love.

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